Post am Rochus – urban building block and office landscape

Schenker Salvi Weber and feld72 have erected a spacious office and commercial building for Österreichische Post (Austrian Post) at Rochusmarkt in Vienna, close to the city centre and clearly visible from the busy main street. The award winning building, completed in 2017, can now be explored on an architectural tour.

The structure of the façade, made of precast concrete elements, takes up the pilaster strips of the existing listed building as well as its horizontal structure. The hole pattern in some of the window reveals was originally a romantic reference to the facade of Otto Wagner's Postal Savings Bank, according to Michael Salvi. It was developed further, and the holes now serve as additional ventilation for the offices: A narrow door to the hollow interior of the perforated supports can be opened by hand. The open-plan offices are designed for desksharing. Groups of tables are situated next to floor-to-ceiling windows and complemented by glass boxes with curtains for concentrated work. Most of the furniture, especially the one dividing the space is acoustically effective thanks to fabric coverings or micro-perforations.


The square level of Rochusmarkt is continued as a shopping mall in the building and thus connected to Grete-Jost-Park, which was revitalised by DnD Landschaftsarchitektur, who also designed the courtyards and terraces. Seen from the park, the most striking element is the extra-wide and extra-deep light gap between the existing and the new building. This access layer, flooded with daylight, serves as a spacious communication zone. Christian Ploderer was responsible for the entire lighting concept. Peter Kogler, Brigitte Kowanz, Hans Kupelwieser and Constantin Luser created artworks, which reflect the use of the building and relate to the architecture.


Text: Gerald A. Rödler


Monographie: Schenker Salvi Weber, Quart Verlag, 2018

Awards: a.o. Staatspreis Architektur 2018, Office of the Year Award 2017, AiT Award 2018, Best Architects Award 2019